Luxo Jr. (also known as Pixar, or Pixar Lamp) is a copyrighted character from Disney/Pixar who appeared in the show, Greeny Michael. He is a gray lamp with a yellow light bulb.

He only says "Deek!", but when he was upgraded, he gets to speak without only saying the word, "Deek!".

He also has a holographic computer screen when he got upgraded. He can switch from any Macintosh computer to any Windows computer. Only his holographic computer screen can be seen by his friends/buddies.

His enemy is I, who always hates Luxo Jr. because he always steps on him in the logo.

Information from the Greeny Michael wikiEdit

Pixar (Luxo Jr.) is Greeny Michael's buddy. He is a gray lamp with a yellow light.

He always likes a small ball that is from the short, "Luxo Jr".


Pixar Lamp has clones like Little Guy does, but it only had 2 clones.

Here are the 2 clones:

Appearances in MoviesEdit

Little Guy and The Mystery to New YorkEdit

When Luxo Jr. found the portal to the dream logo land, he jumps in and uses a hammer to destroy the Carlco logos. Then, Beadon dueled Luxo Jr., and Luxo Jr. won that time. Also, he explored Fortran's Haunted House with his buddy, Greeny Michael.

Greeny Phatom The Movie 4Edit

He helps his friends to get prepared for the battle of King Pig and his minions, and he also helps to defeat King Pig.

Appearances in GamesEdit

Greeny Phatom PartyEdit

This lamp is a playable character.

Greeny Phatom KartEdit

This lamp can be unlocked when you are placed 1st place.

The GreenyWorld Multi 2002Edit

It is a playable character.


  • When the creator of Greeny Michael was working on the movie, "Viacom's Adventure: The Sequel", Pixar Lamp was actually included in this movie because the lamp was from a logo that is named after itself. Sadly, the movie was never released and was cancelled for an unknown reason.
  • The language it speaks is called "Pixarnese". It also speaks English.
  • In the Bananas in Pyjamas Super Show and 3 Greeny Friends, Pixar is partnered with Rico, a Greeny TV character and a Pokemon Trainer.



What Pixar looks like in Bananas in Pyjamas Super Show and 3 Greeny Friends. (Picture made by SSF2Bloopers, A.K.A Me!)

PIXAR with Rico

Pixar with Rico. (Made by SSF2Bloopers, A.K.A Me!)

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