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May Rodger (born April 14th, 1981) is a British actress, acrobat, and circus performer. She is the daughter of GP storyboard artist Rod Rodger and circus performer Alex Vincent-Rodger.

Early years Edit

May was born to Alex after artificial insemination.


Later years Edit

May took on the identity of "Jestie Jr." starting in 2005. She, like her mother, is a circus performer.

Jester costumes Edit

May usually wears a jester costume while performing. She is known as "Jestie Jr." while performing. The identity acts as the "daughter" of her mother. She is part of the Apple's Big Top circus tour.

Her costume was designed by the clothing department of Apple Entertainment, and consists of a electric blue wig, a red bow, a comically large puffy red necklace, a pink shirt with yellow stars on one side and red diamonds on another that extends down her back and her belly in two triangle shaped sections with white beads on the ends, and white pants with one side having blue diamonds and small white circles on one side and black diamonds and small white circles on another. Part of her panties are exposed, and they are red. She also wears red and yellow "jester shoes" which have white beads. She wears white facepaint with black stars on her cheeks. She also wears prosthetic makeup on her ears to make them look like "elf ears" with them having earbeads. She also wears black lipstick and wears orange contact lenses (May's real eyes are green due to her having a yellow colored stroma). She also is partially body painted in white. She also wears white gloves. She also has smaller red puffy round objects on her arm areas. She has a red nose also. To make her "booty" appear larger, she wears small pillows in her pants.

Other work Edit


She voiced some characters in Greeny Phatom.

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