Melissa Kibitzer
Born Bryan Meyerbeer

June 8, 1979 (age 37)

Years active 1991-present
Home town Anmore, British Columbia, Canada

Melissa Kibitzer (born Bryan Meyerbeer, June 8, 1979) is a American-born Canadian actress, musician, suit actress, and transgender rights activist.

History Edit

Melissa was born in 1979 in Asheville, North Carolina to a American father and an Iranian immigrant mother. Her mother had fled the Iranian Revolution months earlier. Melissa was a shy and lonely school student who was reportedly bullied by peers over her feminine body. In 1988, she left her home in Bryson City to travel to Vancouver via Fargo, North Dakota to live with Jake Sanford. She left a note to their parents that stated "Don't look for me. I will tell Jake who I am and help make the world funny again."

A day after arriving in Vancouver, she showed up at Jake's door, and Jake eventually won against her parents in a custody battle. She had her citizenship changed and was assigned to work as a "floater", with such duties as crossing guard for studio in which the show was filmed until Leonard Hill Films joined production of the show and working on Jake's prized natural-colored 12-string 1967 La Baye 2x4 electric guitar.

Melissa played Emily in the AppleVision videos at Apple Entertainment theme parks.

Melissa now identifies as a female. She joined the production of Greeny Phatom in Season 22.

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