Music from the Mind of a Chicagoan is the first studio album by Greeny Phatom creator Robert Stainton. It was originally released in 1998, the same year as Greeny Phatom's 4th season, on the labels West End and BBC. The album consists entirely of some of Robert's musical work, and some of his original tunes. Both of the albums were produced, written, arranged, programmed and performed by Robert Stainton (except for four tracks, done by his band Robert's Pizza Bakers) and engineered and mixed by Milton DeLugg, the musical director of the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade through 2013 (except for tracks one and four, which were engineered and mixed by Keith Strickland and tracks two and three, which were engineered and mixed by Haim Saban). In a interview with WAAF's Hill Man Morning Show, he described the albums as "my life meets an Anita Bryant, which is an alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka and apple juice."

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