My Best Mice: The Series is an American animated television series based on the 2001 RMS Studios film of the same name by Robert Mike Slave and produced by RMS Studios and Warner Bros. Animation. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on February 3, 2006, and aired on Kids' WB on November 17, 2006. It eventually began airing on Boomerang on January 30, 2014.

The series follows nine-year old Matt Hallisey and his three talking pet mice Elliot, Morty, and Frank. The three mice are often joined by other animal characters from the film, along with new ones.





  • Matthew "Matt" Hallisey (voiced by Robert Slave) <->
  • Randalf "Ralph" Bryant (voiced by Rob Paulsen) <->
  • Augustin "Augy" Gropman (voiced by Brad Garrett) <O>
  • Dannielle "Denni" Mendis (voiced by Kath Soucie) <->
  • Norbert "Norby" Guilliams (voiced by Steven Blum) <->
  • Mrs. Stacey Hallisey, Matthew's mother (voiced by Catherine O'Hara) <->

More coming soon!


  • Elliot the Gray Mouse (voiced by Jeff Bennett) <->
  • Mort the Blue Mouse (voiced by Kel Mitchell) <->
  • Frank the Green Mouse (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) <->
  • Professor C. Pussycat (voiced by Tim Curry) <->
  • Ollie the Owl (voiced by Tom Kenny) <->
  • Fiona the Fox (voiced by April Winchell)
  • Dodger the Dog (voiced by Alec Baldwin) <->
  • Scamper the Squirrel (voiced by Zach Braff) <->
  • Scampress the Squirrel (voiced by Jodi Benson) <->
  • Stinky the Skunk (voiced by Steve Buscemi) <->
  • Gomez the Gopher (voiced by Kurtwood Smith) <->
  • Edwina the Weasel (voiced by Roz Ryan) <->
  • Paige the Porcupine (voiced by Chris Phillips) <O>
  • Bevan the Beaver (voiced by Jeff Bennett) <O>
  • Brett the Cyan Mouse (voiced by Ian James Corlett) <O>
  • Hamel the Beige Mouse (voiced by Craig Ferguson) <O>
  • Elfreda the Magenta Mouse (voiced by Tara Strong) <O>

More coming soon!


  • A "<->" indicates that the character is from the first My Best Mice film.
  • A "<O>" indicates that the character made a debut appearance in this show.


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