If they vandalize my MYCUN: The Movie and Geo wikis, I'll be so mad.
Operation 5 Socks
Date August 15, 2015 - present
Location(s) MYCUN: The Movie Wiki
Geo Animation Studios Wiki
The Geo Team Wiki
Geo Wiki
Greeny Phatom Wiki
Causes The July Crisis
Gabriel raging and abusing throughout the years
Main Villain(s) Gabriel Garcia MYCUN
Gabriel Garcia MYCUN ToonLinkMinions11
Users that got blocked
1 0
Total users
1 2
Total blocks
5 0

Operation 5 Socks is an vandalism attack lead by Gabriel Garcia MYCUN, an imposter of ToonLinkMinions11. However, the attack didn't last long, since the imposter got blocked on the MYCUN: The Movie Wiki. He also attacked the Geo Animation Studios Wiki, The Geo Team Wiki, The Geo Wiki, and of course, the Greeny Phatom Wiki.

The next day, the imposter sent a message on CoinHunter12's gmail account, which said that he is going to kill CoinHunter12 and ToonLinkMinions11. The imposter's real name is Roman and he lives in Crimea. Roman claimed that he help the Russians with the annexation of Crimea, and claiming that Cameron is a Greeny Phatom fan. The reason why Roman memorized his Gmail account is that CoinHunter12 used the username, CoinHunterCameron12, a lot on his accounts. However, Roman doesn't know Cameron and Gabriel's addresses, since he's bad at geography.

On August 23, 2015, after 6 days of Roman not answering the mail, Roman revealed that he's part Ukrainian and English. The reason why he didn't answer it 6 days before Cameron replied, is that Roman took a vacation to Moscow, Russia. Later, he spammed CoinHunter12's Google+ account, which the spam messages were deleted shortly after.


  • The MYCUN: The Movie Wiki was vandalized and spammed for the first time in 9 months (9 months and 1 day if your time is in Eastern Time)

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