The following is a transcript for the film Pac-Man vs Hitler.

Part 1: Adolf HitlerEdit

(Shows the Walt Disney Pictures logo)

(Shows the GreenyWorld Studios logo)

(Shows the Bandai Namco Games logo)

(Shows the Arad Productions logo)

(Shows the 41 Entertainment logo)

(Shows the RMS Studios logo)

(There's a concept art-style animation in which we see numerous machine parts flying into screen and joining together to make what looks like a time portal which opens up to suck the camera in. While plunging through the portal, the text "DISNEY presents" appears and then disappears before reaching the end of the portal. We zoom through a stone age village and into another time portal which appears out of nowhere. There is another text reading "a GREENYWORLD STUDIOS production" that appears and disappears before we once again approach the end of the portal. This time we zoom through the entrance of a medieval castle and go through numerous rooms such as the throne room, banquet, and the stairs of a tall tower until we reach the top where yet another time portal opens up. The text that shows while we go through this portal reads "a BANDAI NAMCO GAMES / ARAD PRODUCTIONS / 41 ENTERTAINMENT / RMS STUDIOS film". The animation changes from concept art style to the usual traditionally animated style once we go out of that portal to see that we are in Pac-World where we possibly started. We zoom through the metropolis until we see a blank billboard that flickers to expose the film's logo. Then we pan to the sky and zoom up there through the very last portal which leads to Berchtesgaden in Germany. We fly through there and at last see Berghof, Hitler's house.)

More coming soon!

Part 2: HistoryEdit

Coming soon!

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