Pacman (also known as "Paccy" or "Pac") is a fictional copyrighted video game character from the Pacman series and he appeared in the show, Greeny Michael. He is best friends with Luxo Jr.

How Pacman was formatted (according to the Greeny Michael wiki)Edit

On Greeny Phatom, Gangster Sailor was fighting Little Guy at the arcade. He knocked over the Pacman game and Pacman popped out of the game and beats up Gangster Sailor. Then, he saw Pixar playing Fix It Felix Jr. And that's how they became friends.


Because Luxo Jr. has clones like Little Guy does, Pacman gets his own clones. He has 6 clones, and the clones have colors from the rainbow, except for yellow. Here's the list of clones:

Appearances in MoviesEdit

Greeny Phatom The Movie 4Edit

He helps Luxo Jr. and Greeny Michael to defeat King Pig by trying to kick him and to chomp King Pig by using the power pellet.

Appearances in GamesEdit

Greeny Phatom PartyEdit

He is a playable character.

Greeny Phatom KartEdit

You can unlock him when you win 5 races.

The GreenyWorld Multi 2002Edit

He is a playable character.

Greeny Phatom Kart 2Edit

He is a playable character.