The series has had several parody religions appear.

List Edit

  • The Western Branch of American Reform SubGenii, which split from the Church of the SubGenius in the mid-60's over the right to go to the clenches in business suits, which the American Reform SubGenii have since abolished.
  • The Church of the Age of Aquarius, a religion of diehard Hair fans. It is later revealed there are other sects including an orthodox one (which doesn't believe in the fact that the musical performed at the Cheetah nightclub before going on Broadway) and the Scary Aquarius Hippies of Latter Day Saints (which is for fans of The Rolling Stones).
  • The Church of Lazyology, a religion founded by Robbie Rotten.
  • Healthyism, a religion of anti-obesity activists and fat-shamers.
  • The Church of Cringeology, a religion created by cringe compilation makers.
  • The Church of the Tropes, a religion formed by tropers (contributors to the website TV Tropes, a wiki about fiction).

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