"Pilot Pitch"
The title card for the episode
Season: N/A
Episode: N/A
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: 1994
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Robert Stainton
Duncan Reid
Directed by: James Clayton
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Pilot Pitch was the original unaired pilot of Greeny Phatom.

This episode was originally aired once, as a "sneak peek" for the show on Fox Kids Network. The only known recording of the episode was made by a fan, and ends before the scene with Little Girl and Little Guy.

In 2005, the original master copy of this was located by James Clayton, the show's then-executive producer. The episode has since been included as a bonus feature on many of the DVD's and has been rerunned on The Greeny Channel and The Greeny Channel XD.

Synposis Edit

Little Guy takes Little Girl to a hotel and resort called La Hotela.


The episode begins with an extreme close-up of a television, showing clips from Robert Stainton's VHS and Laserdisc collection while odd gibberish noises play in the background. The show title and Little Guy are superimposed over the television screen.

The scene fades to a live action shot of a restaurant (filmed at the first Rock N Roll McDonald's in Chicago, Illinois). Members of the production crew and their girlfriends are seen in blue workmen's suits, cleaning tables, until one notices it is time to go. All the band members wear clear face masks, except for Robert's then-girlfriend (now his wife) Kristian Michaels, who appears in her Terra CherryBomb costume. The crew leave work and get into a car. They pull up in front of Robert's mother and father's home in Chicago's South Side. The next clip shows them entering the front door of the house, carrying sex toys. Robert's now-deceased childhood pet Barred Plymouth Rock hen, Mary, follows them in. The crew then sit down in front of the home's Hitachi CNP 190 color television. One of the crew members (Duncan Reid) turns it on and we zoom in the television set's screen, while Mary sits down and watches.

The episode begins with Little Guy around his house.


This episode was fully traditionally animated, unlike the rest of the series, and was animated by the crew with assistance of students and teachers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prismacolor alcohol-based permanent art markers, Crayola markers, and Sharpies along with a pen were used to make the drawings. The final animation was done by animator Flammarion Ferreira.

Characters Edit

Voice CastEdit


  • James Clayton voiced the Doctors in this episode.
  • This episode was rated TV-G.
  • While the Woodpecker pecks on Gree Guy's head, Woody Woodpecker's laugh is heard.
  • Most of the music from this was from Robert's vinyl, DAT, tape, 8-track, and CD collection.


  • Credits scroll right to left.
a toon by Robert Stainton, Duncan Reid, and James Clayton
sound by Arnold Günther Stainton
edited by Kendall Stainton
Robert Stainton as Little Guy
James Clayton as Dr. Beanson, Dr., and Dr. PBS
Jeanette Smithee as Little Girl
Geo G. and Gree G. as Geo and Gree Guy
Jake Sanford as Jeff Guy

special mention: every greenyboy
		 & greenygirl
		 woody woodpecker laugh found by Kendall Stainton

some music by Augusta Read Thomas
processing by film & tape works, chicago, illinois
animation by robbie's friends at the school of the art institute of chicago 
final animation by flammarion ferreira
everything © 1994 greetastic studios, chicago, illinois


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