Preeschool Show
Preschool Show logo
Genre Puppetry, sketch comedy, experimental music, electronic music, animation, live-action
Format Greenytoon
Created by Robert Stainton
Ralf Hütter
Florian Schneider
Starring Florian Schneider
Iggy Pop
Robert Stainton
Cam Clarke
Country of origin Germany
United States
Language All
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 132
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Executive producer(s) Stefan Pfaffe
Running time Half-hour
Production company(s) Kraftwerk
GreenyWorld Studios
Distributor Apple Entertainment, Inc.
Constantin Film AG
Original channel The Greeny Channel
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Original run January 2nd, 2006 (first series), August 9th, 2016 (second series) – November 3rd, 2008 (first series)
Followed by None
Preceded by None
Spin-offs/Related Shows None

Preschool Show (or Preescool Show as a result of a misspelled title made by actual preschoolers) was an German-American children's sketch comedy television series that aired between 2006 and 2008 on The Greeny Channel.

It was basically the pioneers of electronic music Kraftwerk and the Cannon Films of children's and youth media GreenyWorld Studios' answer to Wonder Showzen.

Every episode begins with a disclaimer, which reads: "Preschool Show is a very weird and idiotic show, as the result of Ralf and Florian meeting Robert Stainton at a German Weirdos Convention, that should not be viewed by some people of certain ages. This show must be targeted to kids and teens 5-17, unless you are an actual pre-schooler. If you allow an actual pre-schooler to watch this show, you are a bad parent or guardian."

In 2016, Kraftwerk and GreenyWorld Studios renewed Preschool Show for a 4th season (referred to as the second series), which premiered on the Greeny Channel All-Nighter block on August 9th.


Robert Stainton met Ralf and Florian while at a electronics store during breaks of a Kraftwerk concert. They happened to see a episode of Wonder Showzen on a TV they were standing at, and so they decided to make a children's version of it.

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, Astralwerks, and Kling Klang Produkt released all 3 seasons of 119 episodes in a 8 DVD pack in 2010.

Recurring segmentsEdit

  • The Children Are Coming! - Shana (an anthropomorphic cat girl played by Crystal Stainton, later Kendall Stainton) leads a journalistic segment with mostly humorous questions, ridiculing interviewees at a given venue. The segment appears in almost every episode.
  • Story Time with Devo - The members of Devo read a story to the children.
  • Don Schneider - A Spanish womanizer named Don Schneider (portrayed by Florian) travels the world looking for kids in engage with humorous activities with.
  • Travelling – Kraftwerk (later the Staintons), imitating little kids, narrate an ostensibly educational trip while old stock film airs.


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