Reason is a single created by WN and DSZE. This song was featured into the soundtrack of the 21st season of Greeny Phatom. It was also the first single to be featured into a soundtrack. The single included a Pendulum remix of the song which was included on the deluxe edition of the soundtrack a year later.

Background Edit

After the 21st season premiere of Greeny Phatom, slimeo, a animator in the greeny phatom crew and music artist, took to his google+ page announcing that he would be collaborating DSZE, consisting the duo of Tjsworld2011 and Ntpockets, to create a song for the soundtrack that he was going to start working on and this song would be released on Atlantic Records, OWSLA, EVOLVE Records and for the first time, Pendulum's own label, Earstorm. He also stated that there was going to be a music video for this song that he was going to work on with Downsize.

The day after the 21st season premiere of Greeny Phatom, slimeo said that he would be holding off the deal with the Earstorm label because he's not sure if Pendulum will actually make some new content again. Despite this, KJ Swaka announced that new pendulum music was in works, so slimeo announced that WN would be signing a deal with Pendulum's Earstorm Label to release his Mashup of Propane Nightmares, Granite, and Showdown.