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Robert's Thrift-n-Sell is a chain of Greenytoon-themed combination thrift stores, discount stores, and import emporiums operating in the United States, currently owned by Stainton Enterprises and Apple Entertainment, Inc., founded by Robert Stainton in 1996. Many of the Robert's Thrift-n-Sell stores have either McDonald's, GreenyBurger, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, or Bakers Square restaurants inside.

Robert's Thrift-n-Sell stores sell mainly used goods donated by members of the public, and are often staffed by volunteers (the Utica and Chicago stores are staffed by Stainton and Michaels family members). Because the items for sale were obtained for free, and business costs are low, the items can be sold at bargain basement prices (a EVH Eddie Van Halen striped series electric guitar was purchased by a blogger at a Robert's Thrift-n-Sell in New Hampshire for $4.00). After costs are paid, all remaining income from the sales is used in accord with Robert Stainton's charitable purposes to help poor people in overseas countries (mainly his now 87-year old father's original home of Germany). It also sells imported products of all types imported from around the world. In addition to used goods donated by members of the public and imported products, it sells defective, overstock, unsold, and returned merchandise originally bound for, put in, or returned to stores like Walmart, Toys "R" Us, JCPenney, Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, or others, or online sites like Vat19,, eBay, and ThinkGeek.

If you ever want a Crosley Cruiser turntable at a bargain basement price, a old Blue's Clues dry-erase Handy Dandy Notebook, a Thomas the Tank Engine toy painted with the wrong colors, a Hot Wheels car without the body, a Slender Man Halloween costume with the face of a lion, or a shirt with no buttons, then Robert's Thrift-n-Sell is your place.

They also sell free coffee with "free whipped cream." Signs near the free coffee stand warn customers not to make fun of the poor quality of the coffee, because "someday you'll be old and weak too." Their price guarantee awards a bottle of "Chateau du Cheapo" champagne if a competitor beats their price.

In 2015, Robert's Thrift-n-Sell was integrated to the GreenyWorld Store division, and now Thrift-n-Sells are in all GreenyWorld Stores.

Robert's Thrift-n-Sell stores are typically located in spaces formerly owned by stores like Home Quarters WarehouseKids "R" UsWalmartBradlees, and Ames.

Galleria du CheapoEdit

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