Robert Stainton
Robert Stainton holding a Little Guy plushie. (Original Image © University of Western Ontario)
Born September 2, 1967 (age 48)
Other names Robbie

"Die Schraubenzieher" (lit. The Screwdriver)

Years active 1995-present
Notable work Greeny Phatom
Home town Chicago, Illinois
Utica, New York
Family: Chris Shaw (brother-in-law)

Crystal Stainton (daughter)
AA Michaels (brother-in-law)

Robert Stainton signature

Robert Wolfgang Stainton (born under Wolfgang Günther), better known as Robert W. Stainton and Robert Stainton, is a German-American animator, actor, voice actor, director, prop maker, street artist, activist, businessman, singer, musician, entrepreneur, and producer who is the creator of Greeny Phatom, Jeb City, the new Raggedy Ann & Andy animated seriesGreeny LOL and Greeny Phatom: The Xperience. He was also the inventor of Greenytoons. He had re-founded Greenyworld Studios in 1997. Robert Stainton playes the voices of Little Guy, Santed Sailor, Little Guy 8, among other character in the Greenytoons.

Robert is the founder and CEO of Stainton Enterprises.

Robert lives in various different homes with his daughters Crystal Stainton and Valerie Michaels-Stainton, his five sons Abdul Stainton, George Stainton, Daniel Stainton, Robert "Jake" Stainton, Jr., and Mike Stainton, along with his pet Siberian husky, Robbie, his pet Buff Orpington hen-rooster cross chicken Buffy, his pet Savannah cat named Mick, his pet tuxedo cat Marvin, his pet tan-colored flamepoint cat named Elvis, his pet Chartreux cat Keeva, his pet Rough Collies Foxy Flanagan and Colleen, his pet Alston's brown mouse Bridgette, his pet golden pheasant bird Baker, and his pet house sparrow, Mags. He is married to American-Canadian artist, animator, actress, and LGBT activist Kristian "Chriserella" Michaels.

Robert is the youngest of 9 brothers.


He was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 2, 1967 at Chicago Hospital for Women and Children to a German father and a American mother. According to a 2012 interview, his father left Germany after the Nazi Party rose to power. As a kid, he enjoyed drawing ants, and he loved watching German films (this obsession is what inspired the 1995 television series Greeny Phatom). He also began his Raggedy Ann & Andy obsession as a kid also.

Robert's father was also an animator who worked on the ToonWorld (now known as Greenytoons) series The Holy Adventures of Jesus Christ.

Robert wanted to be an animator just like his father after seeing Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure at the Portage Theater in 1977.

Robert attended Alexander Graham Bell School for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. During his time in middle school there, he was involved in two foreign exchanges, one in which he was sent to Escuela Sierra Nevada Esmeralda in Mexico, another in which he went to Abo Elementary School and Fallout Shelter in Artesia, New Mexico. He attended Chicago Vocational High School for his high school education, and was involved in two foreign exchanges, one where he went to Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts and one where he went to St. Boniface Diocesan High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Robert's first paid job was being a waiter at the Pizzeria Due on 619 North Wabash Ave in Chicago, where he also sang in a Italian comedy band called Robert's Pizza Bakers who greeted customers for a while, and who released a comedy EP called "Italian Food Songs". which sold about 349,000,000 copies.

Robert Stainton created alot of classic cartoons after joining Greetastic (now Greenyworld Studios) for a part-time job, such as his short lived series Dr. Beanson that he made during work on Greeny Phatom.

Before he made Greeny Phatom, Dr. Beanson, and other cartoons, Robert had made the giant "falling fruits" for the Bonkers candy commercials. According to a interview in the 20th Greeny Years documentary, the "fruits" are in his garage, but have suffered from dry rot due to Robert's laziness to store well.

He has worked on commercials since 1979, when he was at age 12, being the youngest director of a commercial (for Elmers' Glue) in 1980.

In 1984, at age 17, he became a member of the cast of The Jeff Jones Show. He played piano in the Jeff Jones Band. Robert showed up at the audition held in Chicago wearing a neck brace, since he was having neck aches at the time. Jake Sanford told him to "use it" and Robert was known for wearing a neck brace nearly all the time. Robert had surgery to remove his body fat the week before, and he was also known for being scraggly.

In 1985, at age 18, he and his friend Ulises Tobar started up Greetastic, Inc. in Ulises' garage. Their fathers and Robert's sister Kendall Stainton were early investors in the company.

In 1990, Robert obtained a part-time job at Apple Entertainment, Inc. as a voice actor, musician, and editor.

Robert graduated from the University of Chicago with a bachelor's degree in art in 1991.

He also made the "letters" for the Nick Jr. "Loretta the Letter Lady" shorts. 

In 1994, Robert's second daughter Adrienne was the sole survivor of USAir Flight 427. The crash, in where her seat was launched out of the plane and got stuck in a tree where one of her legs was impaled, resulted in her being paralyzed and rendered a C4-5 quadriplegic. Adrienne took her own life two months later by shooting herself in the mouth with a Suomi KP/-31 submachine gun. Robert stated in a interview that "Adrienne's death ultimately led to the creation of Greeny Phatom as an animated series, and not a pilot".

After Dr. Beanson was cancelled he had to focus on making more Greeny Phatom episodes. 

Despite his work not typically being a very lucrative career, he's done so much work that he now owns a ranch where he lives.

He married transgender woman Kristian Michaels in 1998.

In 2004, he signed a contract with Fox Animation to syndicate Greeny Phatom on saturday nights. (for a short time.)

In 2007, 2008, and 2009 he played Bentley the turtle in the DTV films Sly Cooper, Sly Cooper 2, and Sly Cooper 3.

Bandicam 2015-11-04 23-07-38-492

Robert at a press conference

In 2009, half a day after the first, official and only airing of the controversial episode, Ofcom said they just didn't like it when Robert was drunk and decided to make it.

He was the uncredited Supervising Animator for Hotel Transylvania. He also helped design Mavis and some of the new characters for it's sequel.

He also helped Michael Wildshill to create shows and games like New Super Pikachu Bros. series (mashup/crossover game franchise with Minecraft, Portal, Mario, Pokemon etc) and The Axaxins

In 2013, Robert Stainton's Greenyworld Studios in conjunction with Mike Bluth's Bluth Entertainment is currently in production on the new incubator animation show coming to GoAnimate called Heck Yeah! Cartoons, formerly Oh Yeah! Cartoons, but changed due to copyright issues, since Oh Yeah! Cartoons was already a show that was owned by Viacom/Nickelodeon.

In 2014, Robert purchased The Fool for $900,000,000 from the private collector who had bought it. The guitar made it's public return during the Robert's Pizza Bakers show at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 2014.

In 2015, Stainton founded Stainton Enterprises, the quickly-growing media, merchandising, advertising, telecommunications, technology and licensing conglomerate.

In November 2016, some high and low points hit the family, his daughter Crystal married her bisexual love partner, and Daniel Stainton was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS after donating blood, and a GoFundMe page was created for Daniel's medical costs. The week after Daniel's diagnose, one of Robert's sisters, Michelle, was beaten to death at a Blue Lives Matter counter-protest at a Black Lives Matter protest. 

Trivia Edit

  • B32242e70043376730966edbffa9e171

    Robert's Automecca.

    He owns a Automecca Sports Van,  a Citroën DS, and a Aquarius Blue "Última Edición" (Final Edition) Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Robert owns a massive collection of 1970's microwaves, and a early Radarange model.
  • Robert is a known member of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He joined the group to protect his transgender wife.
  • Robert once used the Alan Smithee pseudonym while dubbing Tamotsu in the Greeny Adult Channel dub of the very infamous Boku no Pico. Reportedly this was due to Robert being disgusted by hentai.
    • He also uses many pseudonyms while doing voices on some Greenytoons and the anime dubs done by the Greeny Channel networks. On Catgirl and the Clawed Crusaders, the main villain Dr. Machstein and Jonathan the Werepoodle's human form are voiced by him under the pseudonyms George Spelvin and Foggyday Snowson (the pseudonym was thought up on a January day in 1999 with much snow and lots of fog), while on a 2004 GlaceonTheVHSRipper2's World episode he voiced a American pen-pal of Sam the Stickfigure under the pseudonym of Peppy Miller (the episode came out years before The Artist, which had a character by that name).
  • Robert is a huge fan of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Kristian is also a fan of Raggedy Ann and Andy, but not as extreme as him. She is mostly an animatronics fan.
  • Robert has partial Italian, Persian, and Vietnamese heritage, but mostly has German heritage.
  • Robert has become the Mao-like idol for the Greenytoons, mainly in China. At the recently-opened Greenyworld China City, park castmembers are allowed to read the story of Robert's journey from small-town Chicago boy to the world's biggest dingbat, and photos of him, his insights, and his catchy slogans and phrases are plastered all over the theme park.
  • In a interview, he stated that he viewed Greeny Phatom's hate as pride that his work is being more noticed.
  • Robert and his wife are members of the Medinah Shriners.
  • Robert was a student of the University of Chicago, and played on the Chicago Maroons football team as a quarterback.
  • Robert is a Christian, "and not the kind who hates gay people and have the lowest IQ's ever recorded by man". Despite being Christian, he has tattoos and drinks alcohol (mainly a highball drink named the "Anita Bryant", made with vodka and apple juice, which replaced screwdrivers at gay bars in the late 1970's during the rise of the drink's namesake's "Save Our Children" campaign).
  • Robert's godfather was infamous American Baptist minister and disbarred attorney Fred Phelps (because a relative of him donated some of his sperm to help Robert's mother with his birth). When he married his current wife Kristian, Fred sent him a letter saying he was a "fag enabler", which Robert responded by writing a letter saying "Didn't your law firm protect blacks? Hypocritical bigot, you're being racist." with photos of some of Kristian's scars from her male-to-female surgery included. Despite this, Robert would occasionally visit the church and take photographs and videos, one of which was Robert's first YouTube video, "At that church in Topeka".
  • He is an advocate of the right of Open carry; exercising what he believes to be his constitutionally protected right to visibly bear firearms. He has a modified Vektor R4 with a large white underslung ammunition case and the words "I'm Robert, Biatch!" engraved in the trigger. He has a concealed carry permit, but rarely uses his concealed carry pouch.
  • Robert is known for having unusual names for his children.
    • His 1st daughter is named Crystal. His 3rd daughter, Bridgette Stainton, was named "Number 16 Bus Shelter" at birth. When Kristian Michaels gave birth to Bridgette in 1991, Robert arrived at the hospital, drunk after drinking a number of beer bottles at a Hamburger Mary's, and blurted out the name of a CTA bus shelter before falling drunk on the operating room floor at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Kristian chose the name out of boredom. His 5th daughter, a transgender female child adopted from Kuwait, is named Bolinas Stainton-Michaels, after a town in California infamous for its reclusive residents. The town is only accessible via unmarked roads; any road sign along State Route 1 that points the way into town has been torn down by local residents.
  • Robert is known for his Twitter account, @legitimateRobertStainton. His tweets have proved controversial in many cases.
    • Sophie Beel, a student involved in a protest in Missouri over a transgender student using the bathroom at her school, had her parents file a restraining order against Robert after he got into an argument with her and several other students in the protest over Twitter, with the hashtag #TransphobicLosers being used by Robert repeatedly. Robert later became friends with the student who was the focus of the protest, Lila Perry.
  • Robert hobbies include collecting guitars (particularly noteworthy is his Olympic White 1969 Fender Swinger with a Tortoise Shell pickguard with the Swinger decal still on and his natural-colored original La Baye 2x4 "Six" previously owned by Bob Mothersbaugh of Devo), collecting Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls (particularly noteworthy is his blackface Raggedy Ann doll from the Jim Crow-segregation era with the price tag still attached, which he has kept in mint condition by having it inside a box made of clear carbon fiber with locks), collecting Jem and the Holograms dolls, collecting vinyl records, recording Emergency Alert System messages, Animegao kigurumi, supporting the furry and brony communities and "standing up for them", trainspotting, and autism research.
  • Robert has a tattoo of the Devo Booji Boy logo on his right arm, one of Cleo (from Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats) on his left leg, and one of Raggedy Ann and Andy on his left arm.

Gallery of photosEdit

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