The Scan Passer 9000 is a weapon that appears to be a laser gun, but in the Greeny Phatom and Greeny Michael universe. It is a red weapon that is shaped like a magnet, but only with squares, and it has its name on it. Its first appearance was in the deleted scenes of Greeny Phatom The Movie.

What it does is that if you shoot someone with this weapon, then a short song from the video game "Space Invaders" will play and the target will have a purple clay-shaped thing that is like a forcefield, but it's not, and two lightning flashes will be next to you, the target will be damaged during that.

How to defend yourself from a Scan Passer 9000 Edit

Shield Edit

  1. Face the shield to the Scan Passer 9000
  2. Hold it hardly, cause if you don't, the shield could be broken
  3. When the Scan Passer 9000 shoots, you push the laser until it reflects

Armor Edit

  1. You need bullet proof metal armor, and make sure it is tight
  2. When the Scan Passer 9000 shoots, don't move, or else you'll get easily electrified

How to rupture the Scan Passer 9000 Edit

You need: A powerful water gun

  1. Aim for the Scan Passer 9000 and shoot it.
  2. The Scan Passer 9000 will then explode after 2 gallon of water are shot into the Scan Passer 9000, and only 1 pint of lava is shot into the Scan Passer 9000.

The Mega Scan Passer 9000Edit

The Mega Scan Passer 9000 (also known as the Scan Passer 18000)
is a recolor of the Scan Passer 9000, but it has a major upgrade to it. It is a yellow laser gun that is shaped just like the Scan Passer 9000, and it has its name on it too. What happens when you shoot someone with this is unknown.


  • This weapon has been built by Pixar 2, which is the only lamp who knows how to build.
  • This weapon is also in the Greeny Michael universe. Pixar 2 seems to be a clone of Luxo Jr., and Luxo Jr. is part of the Greeny Michael universe, that's why.

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