Season 22 is a season of Greeny Phatom. The first episode of the season was Meeting Megan, featuring the debut of the new character Megan. The second episode was The Continued Adventures of the Beanson Gang. The third episode was We Are Obviously Not Number One.

More new writers join the team, including (but not limited to): Larry Charles, Larry David, and Bryan Gordon.

The season also marks the show's move to a new channel. The episodes debut first-run on Freeform and then air on Fox, The Greeny Channel, and in Syndication after a 3-week period.

Set changes Edit

The season introduces many changes to the set in an effort to get viewers to associate the Greenytoon characters with specific locales, evoke a greater sense of community and to modernize the look of 123 Greeny Phatom. Changes include:

  • Green Bob now lives in the first floor of an apartment in downtown 123 Greeny Phatom.
  • Little Guy's mansion is given a complete facelift to resemble its initial design from the Pilot Pitch.
  • Dr. Beanson's house is now located next door to Little Guy's mansion.