Skipper was Kelly's father, and 123 Greeny Phatom's most influential man.

History Edit

When Skipper died, just about everyone in the Greenytoons universe attended his funeral, including Booji Boy, Strong Bad, Devo, Kraftwerk, Anthony Sullivan, the cast of SuperMansion, and LeRoy, Haini and Rudy of The Jets. Skipper was the proofreader for Cleo's book What Were They Thinking?! 100 Tales Of Stupidity From My Hometown of Westfinster. He also helped Little Girl deal with the grief after her strict stepmother died in a crash at a NASCAR Whelen All American Series race.

Jobs Edit

Skipper has been known to have been:

  • Phasing Out of the Word "Jap" In Propaganda Supervisor for the United States Armed Forces
  • the architect for the Crystal Cathedral
  • a Musician (Alvin and the Chipmunks electric bass guitar player, Kraftwerk Chapman Stick player, and The Jets vocalist)
  • a concert promoter
  • the creator of hashtag activism
  • a Pit bull breeder
  • a member of a firing squad
  • a McDonald's fry cook
  • a man hired by cyberbullied people to track down and kill their bullies
  • the creator of the Reddit subreddit "r/hailcorporate"
  • the creator of the terms "Pro-Russian" and "Anti-Russian"
  • an assailant
  • Robbie Rotten's assistant
  • the stunt double for Mark Mothersbaugh for when Booji Boy got stabbed in The Truth About De-Evolution
  • a member of the Moral Majority

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