Speed Girl
Created and Designed by Dan Murphy
First Appearance "Blocking Blocker"
Episode count All episodes (except five episodes from Season 12)
Voiced by Tara Strong
Age 34
Friends and Allies Derek (secret boyfriend)
Rjstar (brother)
Mr. Guy (close friend)
Enemies Rjstock
Speederena "Speed Girl" Derment Leger is the main tritagonist of the Fox series The Adventures of Rjstar. She is voiced by Tara Strong. Her birthday is August 21. and he's Rjstar's sister and Derek's "secret" boyfriend.

Design Edit

  • Her head is tan and has eyes and a mouth.
  • She wears a science shirt even though she doesn't do science.
  • She has black pupils on her eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Ever since the 2nd episode of the series, Speed Girl and Derek has a "secret" relationship and Rjstar doesn't have a clue. until the Season 19 finale.
  • In Russian airings of TAORS, Derek and Speed Girl's relationship scenes where cut.

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