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Stainton Enterprises
Type Public
Address 1423 S Clark St
Chicago, Illinois
Founded March 23, 2015
Founders Robert Stainton
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key people Robert Stainton
Kristian Michaels (Robert's wife)
Mike Stainton (Robert's son)
Abdul Stainton (Robert's son)
George Stainton (Robert's son)
Nate Stainton (Robert's brother)
Daniel Stainton (Robert's son)
Robert "Jake" Stainton Jr. (Robert's son)
Crystal Stainton (Robert's daughter)
Net income Over $23 thousand USD
Employees over 20 million
Owner(s) the Stainton family (100%)
Subsidiaries GreenyWorld Studios (70%)

Greenyworld Store
GreenyWorld Hotels & Resorts
CSX Transportation
Grafton and Upton Railroad
Greenyworld Transportation Technologies
Phatom Foods (85%)
The Greeny Channel Studios (formerly The Greeny Channel Media, Keegan-Garrett Studios Inc, and other companies acquired by Stainton Enterprises)

Previous names GreenyWorld Holdings, Inc
RWS International LLC
Area served Worldwide

Stainton Enterprises is a congloremate owned by Robert Stainton.

As of December 2016, Stainton Enterprises is the biggest new congloremate, by revenue, staff and assets.


The company was founded on March 23, 2015. Robert opened up the conglomerate inside Stainton Supertower, a large skyscraper converted from a prohibition-era speakeasy that had been recently put up for lease.


See List of acquisitions by Stainton Enterprises.


On February 20, 2016, before founding the company months later, Robert Stainton criticized the "#OscarsSoWhite" movement, calling it "full of racist hashtag activist fools who use language that stupid millennials use." He also threatened April Reign, who was credited with starting the hashtag, saying "If you're gonna criticize the Oscars for having no diversity whatsoever, don't fucking use hashtags."

In August 2015, the Freedom from Religion Foundation attempted to sue the company after they fired several employees for being atheists, however, Stainton Enterprises cut the lawsuit short by filing a permanent restraining order against the FFRF.

On February 16, 2017, Stainton Enterprises filed a lawsuit against Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records, the labels of Nicki Minaj, saying her song "Whip It" infringes on the trademark of the Devo song "Whip It". When Stainton purchased DEVO, Inc. on January 18, 2017, Stainton registered the title of the song as a trademark. The writers of Nicki Minaj's song "Whip It" (Onika Maraj, Nadir Khayat, Alex Papaconstantinou, Björn Djupström, Bilal Hajji, and Wayne Hector) served as defendants of Nicki, while Devo members Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale served as witnesses. The courts sided with Stainton, and Young Money and Cash Money were ordered to pay $600,000,000 in damages to Stainton.

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