The End is an episode of Greeny Phatom. It also acts as a pilot to slimeo's own version of Greeny Phatom. This episode is split into three episodes.

Part 1 Edit

Coming Soon!

Part 2 Edit

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Part 3 Edit

Coming Soon!

Production Edit

Slimeo posted a picture revealing the final episode of Greeny Phatom. Slimeo stated that he wanted to end the original after 9 years. He also said that he only wanted to do this so he could end the hatred of the show and said that he would continue the franchise with his own version of the show.

On January 26th, Slimeo announced that the song, "The Tempest" by Pendulum, would be the main theme of the last episode of Greeny Phatom. The post used the hashtag, #gpfinale.

On January 29th, Robert Stainton called a press conference, which occured at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois, and announced that "The End" was meant as a web movie and was not the true series finale of Greeny Phatom. During the press conference, slimeo said that he would still be working on this episode. Despite this, he said that this episode would act as a pliot episode of his own version of Greeny Phatom, which has a working title of "Little Guy and Dr. Beanson", and that this show would be produced by his own studio, S1 and FX Productions. He said that this show would on FX this summer.

The day after the press conference, slimeo took to his google+ page saying that he would be doing music videos for his own film, WN Presents: The X Saga while working on the episode, The End in the meantime. He also said that the offical music video for the theme song of the episode, "The Tempest" by Pendulum, would be in works as well and said this song will be released as a single including the WN remix of that song.


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