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The Greeny Phatom/Dr. Beanson Super Duper Happy Fun Time Hour (or called internationally "The Greeny Phatom/Dr. Beanson Hour") is a hour long marathon of Greeny Phatom and Dr. Beanson , that was broadcast in The Greeny Channel, UPN, and Fox Kids on August 13, 1997 to September 5, 1999.

While the series ran in 1997,  it was later moved to UPN and Fox Kids in later years, by Mr. JawLocker. As the marathon was a critical and commercial success, and airs sometimes on The Greeny Channel.

After the end of the UPN Kids block, the marathon aired in syndication, before re-airing on Fox Kids from September 6, 1999 to October 27, 2001, which is the day Dr. Beanson stopped airing on television (until 2006).

On August 13, 2006, the marathon returned for the first time in nearly 5 years, and to promote the 10th anniversary of Dr. Beanson, but this time, it only aired on The Greeny Channel, because Fox Kids dissolved in 2002 and UPN stopped airing Dr. Beanson since 2001. This marathon lasted monthly until 2008, in order to store more room for other Greeny Channel marathons.

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