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 The Little Guy-Ickis Insanity Hour is a two-part episode, and two episodes in Season 21. It premiered on December 25th, 2016.

In addition to being a crossover, it acts as a pilot for The Jeff Jones Zone.

Part IEdit

The episode starts with Little Guy and Dr. Beanson walking home from The Greeny, wondering what they will do tonight. Meanwhile, on British Columbia Highway 1, Jeff Jones rides his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, "The Canuck Express," back home, while talking about the events of his past life. Arriving at the JeffMansion, he walks somberly towards his brother, Jack, who is listening to Stryper. Jack tells him that he has lost courage in music, and his life is dwindling to a "corpse of it's past self." Jeff walks to his bedroom, ignoring Jack, and goes to bed.

The next day, Jeff is working at OJ's when Kate, his younger sister, arrives with a lesbian biker group. Jeff jokingly asks them if they think he stole their t.A.T.u. CD's, but then Kate simply asks for a glass of Orange Freeze.

Part IIEdit



On December 1, 2015, Jake Sanford uploaded a picture of a extreme close up of Ickis' eyes with the text "Guess who's coming back to scare you?" on his Facebook account.

During GreenyCon 2016, Robert Stainton confirmed that a crossover episode of The Jeff Jones Show and Greeny Phatom was being made, and that episode will be a two-parter. Also during the convention, Jake Wrzesiński revealed that he was going to reprise his role as Jack Jones, and Kristian Michaels and Angel Johnson also revealed that they would appear.

On April 6th, 2016, the name was revealed as "The Little Guy-Ickis Insanity Hour". 

On April 9th, 2016, the episode began shooting at the North Shore Studios in North Vancouver (for the JeffMansion scenes) with on-location filming in Vancouver, British Columbia and Quebec City, Quebec. Some filming was also down in Toronto and Montreal.


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