Tom Samuels and the Maniacs are an American 1950s era pop and rock group, fronted by musician, Tom Samuels, the grandfather of Martha Arthurian. They are best known for their 1952 Billboard Hot 100 one hit wonder single "Hot Wax For Ya". The group folded in 1962, but ended up reforming in 1984.

History Edit

In 1952, the band released their well-known one hit wonder single, Hot Wax For Ya. It was released on the Synthetic Plastics Company's Parade label, which sold 100,000 copies. Despite this, they failed to receive any more hits, even with their first 3 albums, and folded in 1962.

In 1984, inspired by the new wave scene, Tom Samuels reformed the band. Bass guitarist Sven Richards had been killed in a house fire in 1972, and was replaced with Jekyll Messerli. The group's 4th album, Maniac-Mania!, was released on Tommy Boy Records, and sold over 10,000,000 copies on vinyl and tape, earning the album a RIAA Diamond certification. The new sound for the band had heavy uses of Moog synthesizers, Roland synthesizers, the Conn Electric Band synthesizer, and the Fairlight CMI digital sampling synthesizer, with electro-acoustic guitars taking the place of acoustic guitars and electric guitars staying.

In 2002, bass guitarist Jekyll Messerli was killed in a car crash, and his daughter Brenda replaced him as the bass guitarist.

Members Edit

  • Tom Samuels (born January 15, 1941; drummer (1952-1987), lead vocals (1952-present)
  • Mick Sanders (born April 12, 1943; guitarist, keyboard player, lead vocals)
  • Jake Anderson (born July 4, 1945; guitarist, lead vocals)
  • Sven Richards (born September 14, 1940, died April 9, 1972; bass guitarist)
  • Jekyll Messerli (born April 5, 1953, died July 14, 2002; bass guitarist, grand piano player)
  • Robert Stainton (born September 2, 1967; guitarist, lead vocals)
  • Brenda Messerli (born January 1, 1988; bass guitarist, guitarist, grand piano player)
  • Alan Myers (born 1955, died June 24, 2013, drummer (1987-2013)
  • David Kendrick (born N/A; drummer (2013-present))

Discography Edit

Tours Edit

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