Greeny Phatom Wiki R I P

Now I like Greeny Phatom less than I used to.

SANTED SAILOR does not upload new GP episodes.

Because of this I might become a hater of Greeny Phatom.

Was the point of killing the wiki to make some people turn from Greeny Phatom fans to haters?

If yes, then...... um 

[05.2016] Wow Greeny Phatom is awesome! The Movie is Great!

[06.2016] Greeny Phatom wiki! I wanna contribute!

[09.2016] Fake dates are now real dates now I quit

[11.2016] The only thing I can do now is rewatch the episodes

[12.2016] the wiki is back!

[15.12.2016] Message to robert: Ugh.... Fuck you autistic bitch! Talk to me and Upload Greeny Phatom stuff for Good or I will break your neck!!!


[02.2017] I HATE THIS ATROCIOUS show! Animation is a slideshow, plots does not make sense, The lazy ass Creator should not be lazy. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW GREENYFAGISH I WAS! Bleach please, bleach! GoAnimate makes more sense! GLAD I USED TO HATE THIS SHOW IN APRIL 2016! OH WAIT, I liked Geo's world! I am a stupid hypocrite.

[07.2017] I become an Encyclopedia Dramatica vandalizer, post hate comments on Greeny Phatom fans, edit the Encyclopedia Dramatica page, post hateful stuff about GP and say robert is a bitch.

[2018] I wanna come to michigan and first fuck, then kill Robert Stainton.

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