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    1. First of all, violation of copyright laws and (almost) every single sentence being a lie on this wiki.
    2. I get that reason. We know that this is full of lies. I tried to address this issue, but nobody fucking listened. We just continued like it's all normal. The use of theird-party characters, I admit, I hate that, but that's something I have to deal with it every single day as an admin of this god awful wiki.
    3. Also, I see you have been "sent by Fox to take us down immediately". Now I know that it's a lie, but fuck it, everything's a lie here, so I guess that counts as a legit reason.
    4. We also happen to call every disaster a crisis here. 
    5. I also heard you can change your IP addresses. That's pretty impressive.
    6. Yeah, not much attention has been paid …
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  • Laser Pikachus


    June 19, 2016 by Laser Pikachus

    As dear Hideo Kojima said as he arrived on stage during Sony's E3 conference, "Hello, everyone! I'm back."

    Well, I'm gonna be temporarily back, only to talk about something that the community and I have been working on for past 2 months. The movie. Specifically, MYCUN: GreenyToons Unite.

    This movie has been haunting me for a while, after I pretty much retired from the community. It's my brainchild... well, used to be... It was supposed to be a crossover film that would have started GreenyToons Cinematic Universe, but... then came trouble.

    Recently, co-writer James Sharp reminded me about the following, and I quote:

    "People read the script, but did not want to edit it, because it will be too hard for them. Unfortunately, for your animated Green…

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  • Laser Pikachus

    My retirement

    May 27, 2016 by Laser Pikachus

    Dear Greeny Phatom fanbase, and the wiki community.

    I have been a great person and an okay leader to this community, for a really long time. If it wasn't for us, we wouldn't have expanded our communities and connected them in a way that's the most possible. But talking about my accomplishments in this community is not exactly why am I here, although I may come back to it a bit in this blog post. As you all know, I have promised my semi-retirement to occur somewhere after Project Ruby and Project Sapphire (Star Commander; which is still on hold because artist's block), and I have been thinking about it deeply.

    Very deeply.

    Friends and other people like Ryan Silberman, Oscar Street, Diskki Hoax, and John Leagsdurg, have been former Greeny Phato…

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  • Laser Pikachus

    As we reach the 5th overall anniversary of Greeny Phatom Wiki, we have officially reached over 1000 pages.

    Good job, everybody!

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  • Laser Pikachus


    April 19, 2016 by Laser Pikachus
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