1. First of all, violation of copyright laws and (almost) every single sentence being a lie on this wiki.
  2. I get that reason. We know that this is full of lies. I tried to address this issue, but nobody fucking listened. We just continued like it's all normal. The use of theird-party characters, I admit, I hate that, but that's something I have to deal with it every single day as an admin of this god awful wiki.
  3. Also, I see you have been "sent by Fox to take us down immediately". Now I know that it's a lie, but fuck it, everything's a lie here, so I guess that counts as a legit reason.
  4. We also happen to call every disaster a crisis here. 
  5. I also heard you can change your IP addresses. That's pretty impressive.
  6. Yeah, not much attention has been paid to your vandalism. Except for banning, of course.
  7. Those morse code messages (except for the video description) have been trying to tell me that you are almost like Anonymous from that other website. I only mention this because I wanted to know if the contributors on the other website have any plans on invading us (again).
  8. Three additional members is a bit pathetic, but eh, who know what kind of a chaos could be caused by 5 people with nothing else to do. (Face it, we're all people with nothing to do. I supppose that's why we founded this wiki, I suppose that's why you make fun of us and so on, so that we can have something to do all day, all year and all decade.)
  9. Good luck on breaking the record on the most vandalized pages on this wiki in a single sitting without getting banned.
  10. Also, nice noisy bird. Couldn't hear you for a bit, because of it. Tell it to shut up. Or don't, I'm not a cop.
  11. I didn't know anyone cared about Geo's World Wiki at all for a while, I legit thought it was dead. But, eh. Oh wait, that was VSTF. (Dark yada, to be specific. Are you guys related?) Oh no.

I'm tired, I can't do this shit anymore, I'm gonna pack my bags, get my ass out of here and never come back.

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