lonely day is a mash-up album made by Laser Pikachus, under the alias BionicCheek.

Go here to listen:



  1. Welcome to Gospel Parade (Panic! at the Disco/My Chemical Romance) 
  2. Hello Out Loud (Adele/Ed Sheeran) 
  3. Sunny Sunday (Smash Mouth/Ed Sheeran/Jun Sung Ahn) 
  4. Real City (Koobra/M83) 
  5. 420 24/7 (Koobra/Machintosh Plus) 
  6. Pink Liquorice (Ludacris/Sleigh Bells) - 
  7. Fuckass Radio (Ludacris/Smash Mouth/Chadtronic/Brian LeBarton/iDubbbz/M83/The Beatles/Panic! at the Disco/Adele/Machintosh Plus)

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