As dear Hideo Kojima said as he arrived on stage during Sony's E3 conference, "Hello, everyone! I'm back."

Well, I'm gonna be temporarily back, only to talk about something that the community and I have been working on for past 2 months. The movie. Specifically, MYCUN: GreenyToons Unite.

This movie has been haunting me for a while, after I pretty much retired from the community. It's my brainchild... well, used to be... It was supposed to be a crossover film that would have started GreenyToons Cinematic Universe, but... then came trouble.

Recently, co-writer James Sharp reminded me about the following, and I quote:

"People read the script, but did not want to edit it, because it will be too hard for them. Unfortunately, for your animated GreenyToons crossover movie project, the writers decided to quit so they don't have to work on it anymore, thus the film is cancelled until further notice."

So, the only logical thing for me to do is...

to cancel it.

Yes, you heard right. I'm cancelling, and laying off all the co-writers, cancelling all plans and locking up the script, so that people with the link can still view it and no production will be done any further, until further notice.

Who knows, maybe I might recycle the script. Whatever happens, this movie is still over.

Thank you for your contributions, but I just can not handle this anymore. I'm starting to become more independent from the GP community.

Also, as you may have noticed (or not), I have given my SuperKewlGuy123 account to a person who identifies under his pseudonym "Space Taco" for many reasons. Anonymity, legal reasons, so on and so on.

Anyways, if you need me, I'll be on Soundcloud and Twitter, and I will soon focus on new media art, animation and music making.

See you on the flipside.

~Laser (talk) 15:56, 6. 19, 2016 (UTC)

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