i guess this us an update


i really dont feel like

contributing to greeny phatom wiki anymore... or even drawing or making mashups

just feels kinda pointless

not actually sure what to say


everything in my life feels pretty gray

unfulfilling and stuff

i guess that would be how a person would describe it

and even if i try to

make star commander, make mashups, write stuff to greeny phatom wiki

it just

idk just like

im sitting there

no real friends

no good life

school has been bad

i guess thats what happens when i am on the internet during winter

or maybe i am depressed and shit

i just dont feel inspired anymore

or like i would have people helping me

because i dont have them

all day i waste my time planning on things and

everyone just observes

doing their own thing

not caring much about contributing to project ruby or

star commander or

greenytoons news network

so yeah, maybe i will come back in the future

but for now, i might quit being on wikia, or maybe i'm just on a

on a pause

a megapause, possibly

or whatever

i'm really sorry for people who are expecting this wiki to go through many many many changes in recent times


even if you aren't a fan of my work

either on wikia


or twitter

or whatever

you can like

contribute to three things that i have mentioned many times already

i would appreciate it so much


you too could try drawing and sound design

it's fun, while it lasts


everything comes to an end

and one day i have to go too

so yeah

i am not announcing nor confirming my departure yet

i just am at a bad state of depression roght now

a state so bad that it has changed the way i look at life

possibly temporarily



thank you to all the people that have been supporting me

throughout these 5 years i've been on this wiki

supporting me

assigning me to do some edits

and stuff

it was really fun

while it lasted, really

now i just feel so


this is laser, signing out

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