aka Robbie Rotten

  • I live in None of your business
  • My occupation is Conducting secret raids on wikis that use the dankest of memes
  • I am Non-binary
  • TheworldofBingbang32

    The ODS Stratocaster is a 1982 Candy Apple-colored Fender The STRAT that was recovered from a bombed out barracks during the Persian Gulf War. When Robert received the guitar from the Middle East, he thought it was a goner. The headstock was in good condition, but half of the neck and fretboard and the body were charred and blistered from the heat of the fire. As an experiment, he put on some Ernie Ball strings, replaced the charred tremolo, plugged in a cable to the guitar, and turned on an Fender Vibratone that the other end of the cable was plugged into. As soon as he heard the "twang" of the Strat, he couldn't believe it.

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  • TheworldofBingbang32

    "It's basically Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats meets science films about ants meets Hair meets Animaniacs meets the elaborate, hyperviolent, hypersexual notebook doodles of a 1980s teenager who was obsessed with B-grade sci-fi flicks, cartoons made by DiC, and the music of artists such as Devo, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and Kraftwerk meets MAD magazine at its worst meets Devo's music videos, all with better drugs." - Robert Stainton when pitching the series to Fox. The executives and the Fox Kids staffers thought it was an stupid idea and thought it would never become popular. After having the pilot episode, known as Pilot Pitch, pitched to them though, they all stepped out of the room shocked because they thought it was too weird. They …

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  • TheworldofBingbang32

    Following a brainstorming session, a writer, typically a native English speaker, drafts a script for the episode. There are about 60 writers for this series. The script is then translated into Japanese by a native Japanese speaker. After that, a bilingual storyboard is created by storyboarders at Sharp Eye's Los Angeles facility. Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate is used to create the storyboards. The storyboards are then printed out and shipped to Japan. Robert Stainton then goes into a video chat with the writers, the animators at Sharp Eye's Tokyo facility, to discuss details of the animation. After the video chat, the animation team at the Tokyo facility begin animation after receiving the storyboards. For those who are wondering, the an…

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  • TheworldofBingbang32
    • Whip It (lip synced to pre-recorded backing track)
      • Josh 1 - yellow Dubsonic Spacedrum PS3 drum synthesizers, Ludwig Classic Maple Bass Drum, and Zildjian ZBT crash and hi-hat cymbals (on platform with Jerry)
      • Jerry - Roland Jupiter 80 synthesizer (on platform with Josh 1)
      • Mark - Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp synthesizer worn on a black strap, Sennheiser SKM 100-835 G3-A wireless microphone (on floor in the center)
      • Bob - Ibanez Spud Custom worn on a black strap (on floor, left of Mark)
      • Josh 2 - Moog Liberation keytar worn on a yellow strap (on floor, right of Mark)
    • Uncontrollable Urge (performed live)
      • Josh 1 - Ddrum Hybrid 6-Piece Acoustic/Trigger Drum Kit (on platform)
      • Jerry - Custom orange-bodied bass guitar worn on a brown strap, Sennheiser …
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  • TheworldofBingbang32

    March 23, 2015 - Planet Earth
    The United States of America

    It was (and still is) a dark time. Donald Trump started devolving into a idiot who wanted to ban Mulisms from coming to America instead of continuing his great business. Black Lives Matter and it's black supremacist supporters began seeking to turn the African-American community and other ethnic minority groups from people who fought against racism into bestial idiots. Encyclopedia Dramatica's armies of EDiots and 4chan's armies of /b/tards began ruling the internet with an iron fist. Netizens began devolving into bestial idiots as well. Seriously, Japan's netizens are too stupid to realize Nyotaimori originated in Ishikawa Prefecture.

    But on this night in 2015, a man from Chicago dec…

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