Cooper Stadium (Columbus, Ohio), 1994

First show of the series.

Truck lineup

  • Grave Digger #3 - Dennis Anderson
  • Bigfoot Cruiser - Andy Brass
  • Taurus #2 - Jack Willman Jr.
  • Taurus #3 - Jack Willman
  • Cyclops - Terry Woodcock
  • Carolina Crusher - Gary Porter
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Monster Dragster - Mike Hoffman
  • The Toy - Johnny Rocca

Show Day

Round 1 Racing

Grave Digger vs. Bigfoot Cruiser
Dennis Anderson slap-wheeled off the tractor trailer jump, and slammed into Bigfoot Cruiser, shocking Andy Brass and causing him to drive Bigfoot Cruiser straight into Cooper Stadium's outfield wall. The marking made from Bigfoot Cruiser's impact was still visible at the final baseball game played at Cooper Stadium.

Taurus 2 vs. Taurus 3
Jack Willman Jr. was able to get over the tractor trailer jump with ease, but due to Taurus 2 being a leafspring truck, he was too slow, allowing his father to take the lead.

Chuck E. Cheese's Monster Dragster vs. The Toy
Titled "Jew vs. Native American: A Race of Wits" by the Cooper Stadium scoreboard, Mike Hoffman was able to overpower John Rocca to take the win.

Semi-Finals Racing

Cyclops vs. Carolina Crusher
Terry Woodcock jumped over the tractor trailer jump, however he crashed hard over the finishing line, but managed to win the 1st semi-finals race.

Carolina Crusher vs. The Toy (Bye)
Gary Porter got a bye run after The Toy's head gasket fell out and had to be reinstalled.

Finals Racing

Chuck E. Cheese's Monster Dragster vs. Bigfoot Cruiser
Mike Hoffman overpowered Andy Brass to the finishing line, leading Mike to win racing at Cooper Stadium.


Taurus #2

Jack Willman Jr. began attacking the crush cars, before rolling over, leading to Jack being trapped underneath the truck, before rescue crews got him out uninjured.

6+9+6 = 21

Grave Digger #3

Dennis Anderson jumped off the first ramp before crashing to the ground.

9+2+3 = 14

Cyclops (DNR)

The Toy (DNR)

Taurus #3

Jack Willman started his run with a huge save shearing off half the body, before hitting the crush cars and crashing into the hydra barriers.

1+1+8 = 10

Carolina Crusher

Gary Porter started his run by smashing through the Winnebago camper, before rolling over and catching fire.

8+2+0 = 10

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