Greeny Phatom

"It's basically Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats meets science films about ants meets Hair meets Animaniacs meets the elaborate, hyperviolent, hypersexual notebook doodles of a 1980s teenager who was obsessed with B-grade sci-fi flicks, cartoons made by DiC, and the music of artists such as Devo, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and Kraftwerk meets MAD magazine at its worst meets Devo's music videos, all with better drugs." - Robert Stainton when pitching the series to Fox. The executives and the Fox Kids staffers thought it was an stupid idea and thought it would never become popular. After having the pilot episode, known as Pilot Pitch, pitched to them though, they all stepped out of the room shocked because they thought it was too weird. They picked it up and it became extremely popular during its first season, spawning tons of merchandise and a huge fanbase and helping Robert Stainton create the biggest new conglomerate in the world.

Catgirl and the Clawed Crusaders

"What is this, Cats but with human superheroines that shapeshift into felines and better drugs?" - Robert Stainton when his daughter told him the idea.

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