Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

Following a brainstorming session, a writer, typically a native English speaker, drafts a script for the episode. There are about 60 writers for this series. The script is then translated into Japanese by a native Japanese speaker. After that, a bilingual storyboard is created by storyboarders at Sharp Eye's Los Angeles facility. Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate is used to create the storyboards. The storyboards are then printed out and shipped to Japan. Robert Stainton then goes into a video chat with the writers, the animators at Sharp Eye's Tokyo facility, to discuss details of the animation. After the video chat, the animation team at the Tokyo facility begin animation after receiving the storyboards. For those who are wondering, the animators use Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony Server, and DigiCel FlipBook.

For motion capture sequences, 2D character avatars are picked by the modelling team. In the motion capture room for "KaBoom! 2D Capture" at the Tokyo facility or Meatball Taco Studios, the motion capture team captures data for the actions the producers want to see in the animation, which is then passed onto the animators who use Toon Boom Harmony Server to pair the motion capture data with the avatars from the modelling team.

Afterwards, the raw video is sent to GrePro Media Works' post production facility at Meatball Taco Studios, where the episode is put together and the final cut is made, and the voices are recorded at GreenyWorld Studios' voice recording facilities in Chicago and Toronto, and at Meatball Taco Studios.

The entire process for an episode of the series is completed in about 72 hours, which is about 3 days.

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