March 23, 2015 - Planet Earth
The United States of America

It was (and still is) a dark time. Donald Trump started devolving into a idiot who wanted to ban Mulisms from coming to America instead of continuing his great business. Black Lives Matter and it's black supremacist supporters began seeking to turn the African-American community and other ethnic minority groups from people who fought against racism into bestial idiots. Encyclopedia Dramatica's armies of EDiots and 4chan's armies of /b/tards began ruling the internet with an iron fist. Netizens began devolving into bestial idiots as well. Seriously, Japan's netizens are too stupid to realize Nyotaimori originated in Ishikawa Prefecture.

But on this night in 2015, a man from Chicago decided to do what no man has done before. He started a corporation, set to make it's own place in America.

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