Visions is the fifth single from the album "In Silico", it was released on February 22nd, 2017 on Atlantic Records and Earstorm. This song was featured in the Season 22nd episode of Greeny Phatom, "The EDM Wave". It's also the first Pendulum single to include a Parental Advisory label.

Announcement Edit

On February 19, 2017, Pendulum made an annoucement on Twitter that the song, "Visions", from the album, "In Silico", will be released as a single on Digital Download as a single and on CD as an EP which includes remixes and bonus content, and it would also be included in the upcoming Greeny Phatom episode, "The EDM Wave", as well as the episode's soundtrack, which would be released on Atlantic, EVOLVE Records, and Pendulum's label, Earstorm.

Release Edit

The Single was released on digital download on February 22nd and was released as an CD EP a day later.

Gallery Edit

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