Equal is an 2017 animated crossover film by Greeny Phatom animator and EDM artist, Micheal "Slimeo" Christchurch. It was released on June 5, 2017 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

In this crossover, Crytrek brings back the 2016 PPGs to take out Little Guy and CV after they killed him in, The End, forcing T.O.M. 5 and Zythan to resurrect the original PPGs and assemble a team of heroes from Toonami's past years to defeat Crytrek once in for all.

Plot Edit

The film begins with a flashback of the film's prequel, showing the original PPGs getting destoryed by three unknown enemies and their death, with T.O.M. 5 narrating the whole story. He then states that all man are created equally and that out of death, comes life and that it loops infinitely.

It then shows footage of Earth and then cuts to Corvallis, OR. It then shows Little Guy and CV waiting for their target to appear. And the three people appear on the top of a tall buliding, who were revealed to be the 2016 PPGs. CV then says he's ready to put his new improved body to the test.


Production Edit

On June 7 of 2016, Slimeo posted a picture of his own Moc of Toa Tahu from the BIONICLE Franchise on his Google+ Account. He also said that this moc was going to appear in his own crossover movie titled: The X Saga while using #thexsaga.

Slimeo then upload two videos on his youtube account revealing The X Saga. One with the creator going through his drawing pad until finding the ideas for his crossover, and another with various clips with a vintage, HDR-ish filter. Both these videos featured the songs, "Granite" and "The Tempest" by drum and bass band, Pendulum.

A day later, another video was uploaded revealing his own Tahu Moc. The song was the same as the second video. All these video used #thexsaga in the discription of all three videos.

In 2017, Slimeo announced that the movie would be renamed to Equal. He also said that this will be the first ever Toonami Original Movie and used #Equal as the hashtag. He also said he's return The X Saga in the future.

In May, a month before the flim's release, Slimeo announced the franchise that would appear in the flim.

The franchises used in this film were some of Slimeo's favorites. The frachises listed are used in the film:

  • Greeny Phatom
  • RTA
  • Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super)
  • Bionicle (Original and 2015 Reboot)
  • Reboot (2017 revival)
  • Transformers
  • The Powerpuff Girls (Original and 2016 Reboot)
  • PuffRuff School

For the PuffRuff School franchise, Slimeo was given permission from TjsWorld2011 before proceeding with the film. He also got permission from the Greeny Phatom crew, although half of the original was used, while most of it was from Greeny Phatom: The "Slimeo" Take.