We Wish You a Greeny Christmas is a 25-minute live-action Christmas special produced by Sanford ProductionsGreenyWorld StudiosApple Entertainment, Inc., and Bounce Animation and released direct-to-video in 1998 by Sony Wonder.

The special didn't receive very positive reviews, and it was the last Greeny Phatom Christmas special until The Greeny Phatom Christmas Special.


It's Christmas Eve and the Greeny Phatom gang have forgotten to get Dr. a gift. The gang argue about who was supposed to get the gift.

The Greeny Phatom gang go to New York City, undisguised, and decorate a tree in Times Square. Little Girl 3 sings some opera.

After Little Girl 3 stops singing, they go to a store to buy the gift. They suggest comic books, video games, and yo-yos, but end up buying a Eduard Khil "Russian composer case". While wrapping the gift, Little Girl 3 sings "wrap opera".

Dr. accepts the gift and compliments the GP gang for their thoughtfulness and giving spirit. Moctor and Dr. Mother invites the gang and a bunch of children, who they apparently invited over for Christmas, to sing their version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.


  1. "Greeny Phatom Theme Music"
  2. "We're the Greeny Phatom Gang"
  3. "Deck the Halls"
  4. "Going to New York"
  5. "Gotta Get a Gift"
  6. "Wrap Opera"
  7. "Twelve Days of Christmas"
  8. "We Wish You a Greeny Christmas"


Animation/Special Effect ErrorsEdit

  • In some points in "Going to New York", some of the character's mouths would either stay shut or move completely out of sync with the words.

Continuity/Logic ErrorsEdit

  • During the gift hunt, Little Guy sings "Six red yo-yos..", but Dr. Beanson is only holding 3 yellow yo-yos.


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